Models of Inclusion and Natural Environment Stories

Archived stories of Least Restrictive Environment program options. Learn how four California preschool programs offer models of full inclusion for students with disabilities. Learn about one program’s implementation of Natural Environments.

Spotlight on California: Creative Inclusion Program Options

The SEEDS Project developed the following stories to highlight the efforts of four SEEDS Project Visitation Sites providing exemplary models of system change efforts to increase inclusive options for young children with disabilities in preschool programs. The stories provide a glimpse into the process by which each program generated new ideas to influence change in their communities serving young children. Although each program offers a distinct approach to increasing inclusive opportunities in their locales, there are key indicators evident across programs. These considerations are reflective in guidance for interagency collaborative practice (Interagency Collaboration Handbook, 2007).

With the interagency collaborative approach as a framework, the stories that unfold capture each program’s people and efforts to better serve all children in California communities. These stories were written by Kathleen C. Sadao, Ed.D. Program Specialist, SEEDS Project.

This story reviews the process of change embarked upon by the San Diego County Office of Education staff to develop an integrated service delivery model.