Family Empowerment Centers - Find an FEC by County

California’s 58 counties are organized into 41 FEC regions. There are currently 31 FECs which support one or more regions. FEC regions include one or more county, with the exception of Los Angeles County due to high student population density. To find an FEC, select a county from the drop-down menu below to access the name, contact information and region(s) served.

Los Angeles County encompasses 10 FEC regions known as Catchment Areas A through J. The Catchment Areas are identified by school district's boundaries. If you choose Los Angeles County from the drop-down menu below, you will then have the option to choose a district or choose a Catchment Area to find an FEC serving that region. To find the FEC that serves a particular region of Los Angeles County Office of Education service area, select by the district of residence, or view the Catchment Areas to find a specific region. If you need assistance, please contact us.

Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD), due to its size, is supported by five of the Los Angeles FECs. Within LAUSD, the FEC service area is outlined by zip code. If you choose Los Angeles County from the drop-down menu below, then choose Los Angeles Unified School District, you will have the option to enter a zip code. Note this zip code look up is only specific to LAUSD.

There are multiple FECs for this county. Please select a district or Catchment Area.


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