Santa Barbara County Education Office - ZACA Center

Parent Involvement

Leana Watson: Parent
I’m kind of one of those parents that was kind of a high-strung parent. I don’t want to say high-strung parent, but a parent that was very involved and I wanted to know what was going on today, what happened today. The staff here, especially Shelley Grand, the director, was in constant communication with me and really we were able to work out programs and things where they were reinforcing what we were doing at home.

They gave us so many ideas and ways that we could maximize his growth. They were honest with us and helped us understand what his strengths and weaknesses were and things that we could do and things that they could do here. I’m constantly doing research and they were open to ideas and thoughts I had and we would frequently have little pow-wows where we would sit and try to hash out things that we could do to try to improve a situation or to help him improve something that we were working on in his IEP.

Sheila Ammons: Educator
I’m lucky that most of the families are able to bring their children to school every day so I’m able to have a brief interaction with the families most days. I can ask about what’s been going on at home. I can give ideas and suggestions for things that are challenging at home. All of the students have issues that are creating challenges in their home environment so I’m able to help coach parents through that process and help problem solve with them.

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