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Leana Watson: Parent
As a parent, one of the concerns you have in sending your child off into this big bad world of school where they are not under your supervision, is you worry about their safety, their physical safety as well as their emotional safety. Are they going to be treated well? Are their needs going to be met? And then you worry about other scarier things like are they going to be abused and not be taken care of correctly? The way that ZACA is set up with such a wide open and integration of the classes, it dissolves all those fears because there is never one child and one teacher alone. There are always several teachers. There is never an opportunity for a child and a teacher to be placed in a situation that is not safe. There are always so many eyes watching the children on the playground, and so many eyes taking care of a skirmish between two children here or a behavior that’s unsafe over here.

That’s one of the reasons that we always felt safe sending our child, even our child with tremendous medical needs that were physical medical needs. We knew that he would be well taken care of physically, but more importantly that his self worth, and his impression of himself would be carefully taken care of here, that he would be treated well and that he would be given every opportunity as every other child. Which is what you want when you are the parent of a child with special needs, you want them to have everything that every other child has.

We feel so blessed that we’ve been able to be here and be able to have a foundation laid for our children, for both of them, that is one where they love education, where they know that teachers love them, and take care of them and where they are able to learn and interact with other children of varying needs and been able to really grow and be able to play off their strengths and been able to get help in the areas where they need it. We feel so blessed that we’ve been at ZACA and I am very grateful.

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