Our Time Out Mothers’ Group

Lisa Weaver: Our Time Out member since 1999

Meeting with new moms is just…the whole support of it all…being with people who understand what I’m going through and I understand what they are going through with a child with special needs. We discuss different aspects of it, kind of networking sort of thing. We’ve learned…I’ve learned so much from the groups. It’s like you go there, “have you heard of this chair or this program?” and others are like, “no, I haven’t but did you know you could get these?” So, that’s really helped me because when you have a child, there’s not a lot of information when you have a child with special needs. Especially when you start with one at birth. Nobody tells you the different resources. So, especially with new moms coming in and moms that have been there a while…we can provide them information that they wouldn’t get otherwise and the support. It’s just been a rewarding experience. I really have enjoyed it. We all have the same issues: feeding tubes, pumps, dealing with the school districts, dealing with nursing, all of that. So I come for camaraderie, just to talk and also just to get away. It’s nice because we meet at a restaurant and we hang out and just enjoy each other’s company. We all are in the same boat so we know that this is a huge thing for us to be out and have some time to ourselves. It’s just nice to have the other women to talk to and that have been through it all as well.

It seems like I get something out of every time I come…different people too. Really it’s like every visit, every time I go to one of the meetings I get something out of it. It could be different every time but there hasn’t been a certain ball breaking, this is the best thing ever night but there have been a lot of really good nights. I don’t know how to explain that, but it’s just really neat. I really enjoy, I look forward…the whole month I look forward to coming to the mom’s group. It’s a great place to meet people who understand.

A lot of our children have been in and out of hospitals a lot and the stress and everything… I don’t think a family who hasn’t been through it would understand what all that means. Having your child almost dying numerous times and having other families understand that, other moms that understand what you are going through and I think it helps having somebody who knows…been there, done that kind of thing…. Can learn a lot from the group. I’ve told a lot of moms about it, “you know you have to come to this group because its just, the people are amazing, you’ll learn so much and it’s just so nice to get away.” I think it’s actually essential for healing. It’s pretty traumatic to have a child…my daughter has a birth trauma and it’s very traumatic. It’s very healing to have, to be able to talk to someone else. It’s an awesome group. I think they should have them all over.

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