Our Time Out Mothers’ Group

Lisa Welch: Our Time Out member since 2008

It’s extremely important and I don’t think it’s just for moms. It’s for dads and caregivers, whether they be grandparents. It’s important for people to know that there are other people out there that can help you through a rough patch, or can celebrate with you, and that not everything has to be a pity party. You can go and have fun and talk to other people about whatever is happening in your life, and like I said, it’s rejuvenating to hear good stories from other people if your having a down day as well as I’m sure there someone else in the group that has had a down day and I may be helping to lift them up a little bit.

When we sit around and everyone shares something good that happened in the last month, that’s something that Robin facilitates during the meeting and it’s your choice if you want to share something good or bad and we all choose to share something good instead of something bad that happened in the last month. It’s good to hear everyone’s good stories instead of, “oh this happened” or “oh that happened”. It’s, “my kid is doing this now” or “this is new from last month” and “we made it past this milestone”. So it’s encouraging and it’s nice to hear the good stories.

It’s a diverse group of women and everyone has something powerful to say about their own family dynamic and it’s a great message to hear. Not only that, but you can also share yours so it’s a give and take situation. It’s not just one person sitting and trying to soak everything in, but you can also voice your own issue or your own triumph as well and that’s really important that everyone gets their own turn to speak, and in my opinion, every mom needs a little time out. So I always encourage my friends, “you should come, it’s a great group, it’s fun.”

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