Our Time Out Mothers’ Group

Judy Lee: Our Time Out member since 1999

Just making the connection with other parents who know what it’s like to raise a child with special needs. It’s just, I’m seeking understanding from other people and I think, they know, they go through similar emotional ups and downs. They are aware of some of the physical demands of raising a child with special needs and I think even more importantly, it’s nice to have a group to go to that understands the joys of a child with special needs and that’s not something you find too much in the general population, unless you’ve had a child…you know, other people don’t sometimes recognize the joy and the chance to see the little miracles and that’s what I like because I can come and share those and these moms and families get it. Everyone, every week has a little triumph to talk about or a set back that they are seeking information for. So I think, you know…every week we just share our stories. It just touches you and you relate to it, and you keep coming back for more because it fulfills that need.

I’ve met several different families that I’ve connected with and that has just helped with the journey, and your not alone and it’s just nice to have someone to bounce ideas off of or to just share that journey.

I know a lot of families are sometimes hesitant and different people are different places at different times, and sometimes you think it’s a support group or that it’s going to be sad or everyone is just going to be down, but for the most part it’s not like that at all. Sure, there are things that are medical issues, but for the most part it’s just encouraging and it’s uplifting, it’s a time to enjoy our kids and enjoy talking about them.

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